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GIBCO澳洲胎牛血清A31610-02 10x50mL

GIBCO澳洲胎牛血清A31610-02 10x50mL

简要描述:GIBCO澳洲胎牛血清A31610-02 10x50mL






GIBCO澳洲胎牛血清A31610-02 10x50mL

Fetal Bovine Serum, qualified, One Shot™ format,

Australia origin 



Catalog number:  A3161002

Gibco™  Related applications: Mammalian Cell Culture



Gibco™ fetal bovine sera offers excellent value for basic cell culture, specialty research, and specific assays, earning the trust of researchers with consistent quality and award-winning support that helps meet your research needs and budget requirements

Sera category: Secure
Origin: Australia.
Endotoxin level: <=10 EU/mL
Hemoglobin level: <=30 mg/dL (levels routinely <=25 mg/dL)

Aliquot-free 50 mL bottle
The Gibco™ One Shot™ 50 mL bottle is designed to eliminate the need to aliquot, and the risk of contamination and variability that comes with it, improving your chances for consistent results.

Features include:
• Wide mouth, chamfered edge, and curved shape for easy pouring and pipetting
• Engineered to freeze/thaw without splitting or breaking
• Fits in test tube racks and frees up freezer space
• No labeling mishaps with our easy-to-read package label containing all of the information you need
• 33% less waste generated than aliquoting from 500 mL bottles

All products may not be available in all regions due to importation regulations. Contact your local sales representative regarding product availability in your country.

For Research Use or Further Manufacturing Use only. Serum and blood proteins are not for direct administration into humans or animals.


Serum Treatment:Standard (Sterile-Filtered)
Purity or Quality Grade:Qualified
Country of Origin:Australia
Format:One Shot
Product Line:One Shot™
Product Size:10 x 50 mL
Green Features:Fewer resources used, Less waste
Shipping Condition:Dry Ice

Contents & storage

Store in freezer (-5 to -30°C).



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